About Our Products

A Forgotten History

Wear it in and don’t worry about wearing it out—our Heritage Promise

For most of human history, people didn’t buy things to just throw them out after a year or two. People bought goods as investments and did what they could to maintain what they possessed. Moreover, artisans stood behind their work. When the wear and tear of everyday use took its toll, goods returned to their makers for artisans to mend seams and replace broken hardware before they sent each item back to its owner. People marked the value of their goods in how long they lasted and how well they worked throughout their lifetime. They took steps to ensure what they owned lasted as long as possible.

The Craft of Caring

In the same way, we stand behind all of our products with a lifetime guarantee—our Heritage Promise. We want our goods to get beat up a little and for life to happen because we built each piece to last. After they get a little worn down, we hope to show them a little love. If any brass fitting breaks or falls off, we’ll replace it. If a seam comes apart, we’ll gladly stitch it back up for you. We expect wear and tear from using our products the way we intended them to be used, so let us know how we can help when the time comes for a little fixing up.

Rekindling Our Heritage

We want to see our made in Minnesota handcrafted goods passed down from generation to generation and reduce excess waste by making outdoor goods that don’t need to be tossed in a landfill after a year or two. We concern ourselves with any way we can make conservation a reality, so feel free to contact us when the time comes for us to doctor up the goods we made you. Care, concern, and gratefulness for what we had used to be part of our culture and we invite you to work with us in bringing that heritage back. We promise to do what we can to make it happen.

American Made

Not the "how" but the "why."

At Neverest Outfitters, quality control starts at the very beginning of the process.  For this reason, we select only domestically milled textiles, locally tanned leather, and domestically sourced brass hardware to construct each one of our own Minnesota-made outdoor goods.  Sourcing our raw materials from local and domestic businesses means cutting back on pollution from shipping over long distances, supporting the health and livelihoods of American businesses and the local economies, and reducing waste by making use of scrap and leftover material. Most importantly, our commitment to manufacturing our products in the US connects us to the craftsmanship heritage that built this country while also allowing us to work with and support American manufacturers that share in this same tradition.

Waxed Canvas

One of the original forms of water-resistant material, waxed canvas still remains one of the best options for keeping water out and off of whatever it is you prefer to remain dry and cozy.  Without losing any of its durability or resistance to water, waxed canvas develops a tarnished veneer over time that creates a beautiful worn-in look that only testifies to the fortitude of the material through past adventures.  With a classic look and unrivaled durability, waxed canvas ranks as our top choice in material for constructing our handcrafted outdoor goods. 

Upcycled Leather

To cut back on waste, we produce our goods using left over scrap leather that would otherwise go to waste. In regards to producing our leather, the entire process takes place here in Minnesota. When we run out of scrap, Neverest Outfitters remains committed to sustainable sourcing by utilizing leather tanned with vegetable oil or other organic compounds. This choice reduces the negative impact of leather tanning on the environment by decreasing the need for harmful chemical pollutants otherwise used in the tanning process. Additionally, by using upcycled scrap leather in our finished products, we reduce our demand for oil that would otherwise be used to create synthetic materials and component parts normally used in the manufacture of the types of goods we produce.

Deadstock Material

No different in quality than any other material yet otherwise doomed to spend eternity on a dusty and forgotten warehouse shelf; dead-stock textiles find salvation after we give them new life in our handcrafted goods. By using scrap and leftover deadstock material to create new products, Neverest Outfitters cuts back on waste and allows for new beginnings.

Water Based Ink

By utilizing less harmful chemicals, soaking completely into the fabric to create a smooth feel, and by allowing us to print in greater detail, water-based inks provide the perfect option for us in creating our apparel. Since water constitutes the main solvent in this type of ink, fewer chemicals go into both our products and the environment.  These advantages make water-based ink the comfortable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly printing option we feel we owe to our customers and the planet.

Organic Material

At Neverest Outfitters, crafting a quality product that lasts means creating a lasting future by supporting sustainable farming practices.  For that reason, we use organically grown cotton and hemp for our textiles.  By cultivating hemp and cotton without the use of chemicals that cause degradation of the soil and the poisoning of local communities and ecosystems, the farmers that supply us with our textiles remain true to the Neverest Outfitters ideal of sustainable living by ensuring the continued health of the environment and the soil for future generations.