The Waning of Winter & the Waxing of Spring

A Craftsman's Dream

            For many individuals at Neverest, the introduction of goods constructed with waxed canvas marks somewhat of a dream come true.  You might say to yourself that waxed canvas is pretty strange to dream about.  We can hardly disagree with you, but that’s been our dream nonetheless. 

            Perhaps the incorporation of waxed canvas into our spring line is more of the realization of an aspiration rather than just a dream come true.  At Neverest Outfitters, we aspire to a higher grade of craftsmanship, which means paying extra attention to each stitch by crafting our products by hand.  But, that higher commitment to quality also means that we use lasting materials in our products—waxed canvas is all part of that. 

History of Waxed Canvas

            Originally developed and used for the sails for some of the fastest trading vessels that plied the ocean waters of the 1800’s, waxed canvas proved itself early on in some tough conditions.  The tenacity, durability, and practicality displayed by waxed canvas soon brought it inland and off of tea skippers where adventurers and weekend warrior alike put it to use in their expeditions and excursions across charted and uncharted wildernesses alike. These individuals trusted it to keep them safe, warm, and dry in conditions they could hardly expect and rarely predict and so do we. 

Waxed Canvas Meets Neverest 

            We can’t predict where your adventures will take you, but we’d prefer you go on them prepared knowing you have something like a wax canvas backpack to depend on.  The small things in life, like keeping your books or kit warm, make all the difference.  For that reason, we chose to incorporate waxed canvas into our Spring Collection knowing that the smallest things contain a sense of immensity in the difference they make. 

            As mentioned before, the tenacity, durability, and practicality of waxed canvas made it an instant favorite and a classic for adventurers throughout the ages.  We find excitement in sharing in that classic tradition and we look forward to sharing in it with others.

Spring consistently brings change with it year after year and this is no exception.