The Summer Expedition: Education Vacation

The Best Kind of Summer School—Traveling Europe

            Normally summer school comes with a relatively dismal connotation.  No one wants to go to summer school.  You try and avoid it if you can and do all in your power to keep that nightmare from manifesting itself into reality.  Although our founders, Ian and Mary, plan on doing some serious learning this summer, they don’t classify how they’ll be spending their time as summer school.  To them, their summer represents an opportunity to continue their education in craftsmanship and business in the best way possible—though travel, and not just anywhere.  Europe.


Americans In England—Birthplace of Waxed Canvas

            In their quest to learn about the garment industry from artisans and entrepreneurs like themselves and reconnect with their craftsmen roots, Ian and Mary set sail for a grand new adventure that will lead them to several European destinations. Our two adventurers plan to first explore and learn what they can from The British Millerain Company in Lancashire, England.  Established in 1880, The British Millerain Company got its start producing some of the first variants of the waxed cotton that the waxed canvas we use descends from.  Ian and Mary hope to learn what they can here from those who have been in business and perfected the art of waxed canvas for longer than any one.


Onward to Spain—Exploring the Tradition of Leatherworking

            After spending some time in Paris, France, Ian and Mary will continue their expedition in Europe with some visits to the workshops of leather workers in Spain—a land famed throughout the centuries for its rich tradition in working fine leather.  We appreciate the durability and classic appeal of leather and, for these reasons, we incorporate it into many of our products, but we realize that we can always stand to learn a thing or two about leather working and what goes into infusing it with the upmost sense of quality. For many Spanish leather-workers, crafting superior leather represents more than just a way to put food on the table.  It symbolizes a direct connection to both tradition and an identity as an artisan whose attention to detail and their craft defines the work they do. 


We’ll Stay in Touch

            For one month this summer, Ian and Mary’s travels will take them far and wide, which means they’ll have to put production on hold for that time in the name of greater learning.  Don’t worry though! They’ll arrive home with more knowledge and experiences to renew production with increased passion and dedication. As for the online store, we will be able to ship some items off while others might require you to wait around until Ian and Mary return home.  In the mean time, look for new blog entries each week to keep up on them and their travels.  We invite you to check out our Instagram as well. We promise to stay in touch! 


Putting Our Inspiration to Work

            Although many benefits exist to traveling, we find an added sense of fortune in being able to test our products in some new environments—like the European Alps—in order to develop and refine future products with added quality and dependability as soon as Mary and Ian return home to resume business.  Europe will prove both the testing ground for Neverest’s products and the source of inspiration for a new line of backpacking and traveling goods designed for adventurers with an itch to explore.


Cheerio, au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, and adiós! See you soon and talk to you sooner!



“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien