The Road to Inspiration—Where dreams reach their peak

Neverest in the Swiss Alps

Mountains possess a way of inspiring the minds of individuals with their sheer immensity and grandeur. While many mountains make those who stand amongst them feel rather small; they still have a way of fostering some truly large ideas.  Rather than crushing these dreams, ideas, and ambitions, mountains inspire those who observe their gigantic beauty with a sense of determination that rivals the mountains themselves in its enormity.

A New Backpack Begins Its Adventure

            While their idea for a heavier hiking pack originated in their native Minnesota, it came to life amongst the edelweiss flowers and staggering peaks of the Swiss Alps.  With the historic north face (Nordwand) of Eiger as their witness, Mary and Ian of Neverest Outfitters took some of the first few steps with their newest backpack.  These steps represented a journey from a modest idea to a reality for Mary and Ian. They designed their backpack with the intent of bringing it to life in the Alps where they could test and refine it so as to have it ready for production and sale once they return back home to Minnesota later this summer. To them, bringing their hiking pack to the Alps resembled releasing a rare creature back into its natural habitat.

Sneak Peak at the New Goods

            While we must refrain from sharing with you all of our new pack’s details for now, we can give you a glimpse of what you’ll be able to find in our online store this fall.  Larger than any backpack we’ve designed yet, the pack contains greater carrying capacity for longer-range hiking and camping trips like the one Mary and Ian currently find themselves on in the Alps. Inspired from the voyageur du bois tradition of northern Minnesota, the newest hiking pack from Neverest Outfitters includes modern innovations crafted by Mary and Ian that include quick release leather straps for easy access and padded waxed canvas shoulder straps for additional comfort.  As Ian describes them, “Gone are the days of cotton straps. Our customers’ shoulders deserve better.”  Adding to the bag’s overall durability, Ian and Mary worked a leather bottom into the design of the bag as well for extra assurance.

New Pack, Same Commitment to Sustainability

            Once Mary and Ian return home from testing their newest design in the Alps, you can count on our continued commitment at Neverest Outfitters to craft our newest backpack using sustainable means that include utilizing upcycled leather and other materials, like waxed canvas and brass fittings, manufactured by American companies. Often times, the greatest journeys end up as those taken while following our dreams.  We believe that, for those journeys, it’s best to travel with a companion. While Mary and Ian have each other for their own current adventure, they also have a companion in their newest backpack, which we look forward to making available soon for other individuals ready to journey after their own dreams or anywhere else life may take them.


"The first days looking upon the north face of the Eiger had me filled with a sense of nostalgia. It was liking looking back in time.. to a place where life was life, simple. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. You didn't have to worry about college or making sure you had gas to get from A to B... it was just pure living."

-Ian Scherber