Letters From the Content Writer—A Trip the Duluth

One Content Writer roaming the streets of the fair city of Duluth. What a robust republic did I find. 

One Content Writer roaming the streets of the fair city of Duluth. What a robust republic did I find. 


Venturing North

            As a content writer, I often times accomplish my best work in a coffee shop or in the porch of my home with the lake shimmering in the distance. For the production team at Neverest Outfitters, their best work originates from the NRO shop in Duluth, Minnesota. While we find ourselves comfortable in these places, the inspiration we draw from them gives us that added creative edge we need.

A Breathtaking View Time & Again

            Perhaps it’s just that Neverest does best in a shop we can call our own, but I think the team draws an added amount of inspiration from the Great Lake at it’s doorstep. Although I’ve never been to the shop, I would not consider myself a stranger to Duluth. Yet, even then, that first glimpse of Lake Superior as you drive down into the city still takes my breath away.  Even though the sight makes me feel small, I don’t find that such a bad thing. I believe that while the Lake makes you feel small, it simultaneously inspires a sense of humility because it makes you feel small.

Letting "I" & "Me" Get the Best of Us

            All too often, we get the feeling that we, as individuals, stand at the center of the universe and that we’re the most important person around. We think too much in terms of “I” and “me” rather than considering the wellbeing of those beyond ourselves or of the planet we call home. We don’t necessarily intend to do this. Often times, it occurs on the subconscious level, but if we challenge ourselves to think for a moment about how our minds work in this way, it does not take long for us to realize how often we do it. We might find this surprising, or even concerning and embarrassing. And, while we can’t always help feeling those emotions, we should not let those feelings rule us. When we feel them tugging at us, we resolve to do better, whether that’s by creating more awareness in our lives or by taking steps to consider the world beyond ourselves in a more comprehensive way.

Feeling Small Is Good Once & A While

            With the Great Lake reminding me of that, I rode into Duluth knowing I’m small but that my actions, as an individual, matter in the grander scheme of things. Neverest Outfitters does not rank among the larger clothing and outdoor companies, but our actions matter nonetheless. We strive to consider the needs of the planet by adopting sustainable practices such as using upcycled leather and American made canvas and brass fittings for our products. In doing so, we create goods that last longer, which lessens the waste produced and the need for more frequent consumption. By doing things on a local level, we help provide jobs in Minnesota and create less of a need for shipping our products over long distances.  While we admit those are small steps towards a sustainable future, we find the most success in being a company that looks beyond just its own well being and considers the health of the planet and those who live on it.

The Beginning of Something New

            The world is changing. I don’t think that fifty or even twenty years ago I would have entered a workspace quite like the one occupied by Neverest Outfitters. Yes, obviously, we’ve developed cell phones and smaller computers within that time, but we’ve also developed the ethic within that time that companies that create true value for society must do what they can to minimize their impact on the environment, provide for local communities, and create things that last. I found that idea becoming a reality in Duluth and it’s my great privilege to work with the team that makes it happen in a small way.