Domestic Orders

We ship orders for delivery in the United States via UPS. At any point in the process, shoot us an email and we can give you an update on your order! Expect fulfillment 2-3 weeks from your order, with deviations both ways. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions. 

International Orders

Our international orders are also shipped via UPS. We don’t provide a tracking number for these packages, but we will provide as much delivery information as we can, upon request. For any order, big or small, domestic or international, please feel free to reach out to us. Ask us questions, let us know of any special requests, or ways we can make your experience with us even better. We’re more than willing to help out in any way that we can - just let us know!

Returns Policy

If you have questions or concerns about a product or an order, please reach out to us before ordering! We want people to be happy and excited with their investments--we’re not in the business of hoodwinking people and running off with their money. Returns and refunds are not accepted, and instead of putting time into writing lengthy and wordy terms and conditions for returns and refunds, we focus on perfecting our goods, and communicating and getting to know our friends and buyers. At all costs, we want to avoid moments when, after delivery, the piece wasn’t what was expected, or isn’t quite what was in mind.

If you have a concern, inquiry, just want to know a little bit more about a piece before ordering (just to be sure), question regarding our shipping policy, or Heritage Promise, drop us a line and we would love to chat!


Our Heritage Promise covers:

-Flaws by our artisans. Each piece is made by artisans, and while people can make mistakes, we work to make as few as possible--and correct them before sending anything out. If a seam comes un-done, a strap is not attached correctly, a rivet is not fully in, or hardware falls off when it is not supposed to, we will fix it.

-Flaws in our material. We pride ourselves on intelligent and responsible sourcing, but sometimes there can be slight imperfections in the hardware and textile we use. If this is the case, we will fix it. Anything we use in the creation of a product is considered “material”.

What our Heritage Promise does not cover:

-Unnatural wear and tear. We build these as sturdy and tough as we can, but not even they can stand up to certain things. Bags that have rips, tears, and holes that are not from regular use--I.E a razor blade was taken to the canvas, or your dog chewed on it all night--do not fall under our warranty.
We created these bags to last for a long, long time. We’ll work with you to make that a possibility! If you have a questions, please reach out to us and let’s talk about it. While we reserve the right to make the final call, we can be flexible, and what to reach a good outcome.


Terms & Conditions

Each of our items is different, because, well, we made them that way. Our dedication to handcrafted production means that every item will be a bit different. Nature is full of small variations, slight deviations, and simple differences. Rather than attempting to eliminate this natural occurrence, we embrace it. A tag inside every Neverest product carries the production number from that specific collection run. It is filled in by hand, by our seamstresses and leather workers, only when they have completed the product, and it is ready to ship. Please allow two weeks for order completion and fulfillment. We don't copy, we create.